LibraryOur library being an integral part of the SIP, scholars here do find and always enjoy an easy an instant access to the fast- evolving spheres of technology. It is every learner’s realization in this Institute that he/she finds, or better say, discovers what his/her course contents require to be fulfilled. To say the least, the SIP library provides what the scholars, serious and devoted, need at present or in future. In an uninterrupted way, books and journals continue to flow in and enrich the SIP library as the management that is ‘Swadhin’, review and previews the academic infrastructure in a regular mode.
Internet Facilities
InternetIn these days of computers, internet takes the lead as an unending resourceful provider. Here in SIP, scholars are entitled to get in touch with internet facilities for their academic interests and inquiries. SIP ensures that internet facilities are generously available to the scholars for a brilliant and up-to-date build-up of their career, through broad band connections.
transportationThe SIP owns and maintains a fleet of vehicles plying to and from its ever-widening campus. When scholars need to make a trip to any destination en masse, the SIP vehicles are made available to them for greater and better interests.

Ever visitors, scholars and their relations intending to move to or from the SIP campus are offer provided with transport facilities only on humanitarian ground.
HostelThough the SIP is not a residential institute, scholars coming from far-off places can have hostel accommodation here at a fairly reasonable rate of expenditure. What one should not lose sight of is the fact that there are separate hostels for boys and girls. Security personnel are on the alert while the earth leaps into darkness with the sunset.

However, scholars putting up in the hostels are obliged to abide by the rules of hostels in the letter.
Cafeteria“Poetry is good, but tea is better”, indites a short-story writer. There is a well-equipped cafeteria where teachers, scholars, workers and visitors can find many a tasty food item at an affordable price.

Indeed, the atmosphere in and around the cafeteria is tidy enough. It stands quite close to nature.
Conference Hall
Conference HallThe hall meant for holding a seminar, conference or talk show with the sophisticated apparatuses and appliances is not only spacious but also well-ventilated. It is an AC hall, furnished with necessary items and gadgets.

One is impressed with the pin-drop silence in the large conference hall the moment one steps into it.
Medical Facilities
medicalIt worth’s mentioning that the location of the SIP is quite close to the Bolpur Sub-Divisional Hospital at Sian, a few minutes’ walk from the Institute’s campus. At any moment of medical assistance of any gravity, all related to the SIP need not get worried at all. Regular health check-up campus is organized for the interest of health and hygiene.

In hours of need and critical condition, any suitable conveyance is provided to them..
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